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Understand SafeNet

Cyber Safety is a necessary priority in today's digital world. But before you can protect yourself have to educate yourself about it; it is important to understand exactly what cyber risks are. In modern world people are blindly trusting technology where people don't hesitate to share their confidential traits also. But nobody knows when it will victimize people and make immeasurable losses. So, safety and security in usage of technology is a requirement of today's world. And to fill user's need COL has introduced SafeNet Home & Enterprise which is a value added service to our internet users.

SafeNet also works as COL's parental control solution for child safety for home users whereas network security and safety solution for office users. It is our attempt to make the internet safe and secure for every COL internet user. It allows customer to control what internet content is accessible over COL broadband connection. SafeNet allows our users to select which category of content they wish to restrict and at what timings.

Features of SafeNet

Parental Control

Monitor your kids’ online activities and manage internet usage by setting up content filtering, or assign suitable internet usage profiles for each member of the family. Parents can also avoid the hassle of configuring restrictions on routers or individual devices, with centralized network-based controls. Access to a real-time customizable dashboard allows easy management of the use of the internet in your home.


The anti-malware identifies infected devices in the household by monitoring the traffic. It then determines and notifies the type of malware and the impact of it to the subscriber. It continually probes for weaknesses in your home network to protect connected devices from malware, phishing, and hackers.

AD Blocking

The inbuilt Ad Blocking feature automatically detects adverts or pop ups designed to cause harm to end users when browsing web pages on the internet. It adds another level of protection to all devices which access the internet from your home network.

For Residences

Keep kids safe – protect kids from seeing inappropriate websites. Like, No Facebook during dinner. Block online gaming & social network use during homework or family time. Prevent illegal downloading Block Ads and virus-infected or malicious sites.

For Enterprise

Boost your productivity by blocking distracting sites such as Gaming and Social Media during business hours. Save your bandwidth by blocking sites not needed by your business such as file sharing sites like uTorrent, bitTorrent etc.

Benefits of SafeNet

Parental Control and Child Safety

Block websites that could infect or expose your device for hacking.

Completely restrict adult content at all times.

Allows content filtering for each member of the household.

Helps parents manage screen time with homework and bedtime settings.

Enables protection with a single click, without client software.

Cost effective solution for unlimited number of devices.

Basic level of malware and virus protection for users.

Restrict on mis-utilization of internet bandwidth inside office network.

Avoid requirement of technical expertise for small & medium enterprise users.

Live, customisable subscriber dashboard provides details on all blocked malware, internet usage and infected devices.


Parental Control, Anti-Malware, and Ad-Blocking services are available with the service.
Parental Control provides content filtering which helps to keep your children safe when online at home by filtering inappropriate content online and monitoring web activity. Additionally, you can customise groups of users and control access to the internet by creating rules for each (e.g. length of time on the internet).
Short for "malicious software," malware refers to software programme designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system. Common examples of malware include viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware. Awasr’s anti-malware solution detects, and informs on, malicious software accessing devices on the internet at your home.
Ad-block is a feature that efficiently blocks ads on browser and apps with any network access (fixed, WiFi) and device. Ad-block efficiently improves end-users’ browsing experience by significantly accelerating the webpage download time and saving data quota. Users of the service can expect improvements of up to 30% in load page time.
SafeNet checks each website visited through your COL broadband connection. It sees whether any of the websites are on a list of ones that could potentially harm your device or compromise your personal data. If so, then you'll see a warning page. If you think the site is OK, you can override the warning and continue to the site.
Yes, as SafeNet works at a network level. It helps prevent infection from viruses, and phishing attacks when you're on the internet by warning you if you're about to visit a potentially harmful website. It works on all devices using your COL broadband connection. Anti-Virus protection complements SafeNet, giving you advanced online security protection for individual devices against viruses, phishing attacks and other internet threats. Once it's installed, it not only protects you when you're online but also from potential threats from other sources (like USB memory sticks).
Yes, SafeNet works at the network level, meaning it’s applied to all devices that connect to your broadband network. It is seamless and requires no software to install or minimum systems requirements.
No, this is one of the many benefits of using a network-based security service. The service is a cloud-based solution that does not requires any software or hardware installation.
Yes. As SafeNet works at a network level, you will need to be an COL broadband customer.
There is no minimum commitment period for subscribing to SafeNet. You can use the service on monthly basis and cancel any time without any penalties.
If you are accessing the internet through a mobile network or through another WiFi connection, the service will not be able to protect your devices.
Yes. The SafeNet service will only work with devices directly connected to the COL provided internet service. i.e. through the WiFi coverage of the WiFi Router, or through an RJ45 Ethernet cable from the router to Laptops and PCs.
You can configure your SafeNet portal by following the steps on the userguide found here

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